Whissle Gourmet

Your Order

Whissle Gourmet operates on a 24/7 basis. You can contact our team of Client Coordinators at anytime to discuss your existing order or if you just have a query. 

You can either select from one of our delicious menus or you can order from a restaurant from your own choosing, provided that they meet our requirements and have a lisence for take away food. 

You are not restricted to place your entire order from one supplier but can instead order from a variety of different menus and suppliers ensuring that all demands are catered for. 


Private Jets: 

If your aircraft is going to be based at Dubai International Airport (DXB), or Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC), please first email your order to Emirates Flight Catering Facility (EKFC) and a memebr of the VIP team will forward it to us. Be sure to mention that you require food from outside restaurant suppliers and would like Whissle Gourmet to handle it. 

All Dubai orders should be sent to: viporders@ekfc.ae


If your aircraft is going to be parked at Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or elsewhere within the UAE, please email you order to us directly at order@whisslegourmet.com


Upon receiving your order, one of our dedicated team will respond to you within 30 minutes.  


Private Yachts: 

After browsing through the selection of menus, please inform your yacht charter company that you would like Whissle Gourmet to provide your on-board cuisine. 

They will contact us on your behalf and brief us of your menu selection.

We will liaise with the nominated restaurant(s) and ensure that every minor detail is taken care of.