Whissle Gourmet

Terms & Conditions

In compliance with The Food Code set by The Government of Dubai and Dubai Municipality, Whissle Gourmet food items are prepared and cooked at safe temperatures.
Whissle Gourmet has designated and continues to designate from approved suppliers to supply Food & Beverages from certain outlets operated by Whissle Facilities Management Services (Collectively “Outlets”) in the OKKU & CLAW crabshack and Grill.
Once a catering order is placed with us, you will receive a confirmation e-mail outlining all the details of your order. Clients using an FBO/Handling account will be automatically billed by the FBO. Clients not using the FBO account are required to pay the full balance via Credit Card or Cash on delivery of the items.

Outlets and Our Role

The principal purpose of this service is to manage the order and on time delivery of items ensuring safety and quality control.

We work with serveral “Outlets”) to provide / supply their Food & Beverages to Whissle Gourmet Clients.

  • Whissle Gourmet are responsible for your order and not the Outlet
  • We have the full responsibility to supply Food & Beverages Service ensuring safety and quality.
  • Any complaints you may have concerning Food / Beverages must be addressed to us (Whissle Gourmet) and not directly to Outlet.

Catering orders should be received by Whissle Gourmet as close to the required delivery time as possible.

Please note: If Paying by credit card you may be asked to complete a signed credit card authorization form which must be sent back to Whissle Gourmet.

Delivery Charges:

  • A 600AED fee for any delivery (DXB and DWC)
  • A 750AED fee for any delivery (Al Bateen and SJH).
  • Any cancellation/changes of orders will be subject to the following charges:
  • 50% of total amount if cancelled within (24) hours of the delivery time.
  • 100% of total amount if cancelled within (12) hours of the delivery time. 

In the event the delivery time is delayed after the order arrives at the airport then Whissle Gourmet reserves the right to charge the Customer a ‘delivery waiting’ fee.

In the event the ‘agreed delivery time’ is changed to a later time or then Whissle Gourmet reserves the right to charge the Customer an additional delivery fee.

Whissle Gourmet will ensure all food catering orders are stored and transported to the Customer in compliance with Dubai municipality.

Upon hand-over of the catering order the Customer shall take full responsibility for ensuring any food continues to be kept at a safe storage temperature until the time of consumption.

Whissle Gourmet does not accept responsibility for the handling, control or preparation of food items after the hand-over and acceptance of the order.

Other Charges

Whissle Gourmet works alongside The JW Marriott Marquis to provide Arabic and Indian Cuisine. These dishes are prepared and stored by the Outlet and Transported by Whissle Gourmet to the Customer in compliance with Dubai municipality. (All dishes are packaged using Whissle Gourmet packaging)

A 30% Surcharge will be added by Whissle Gourmet to the final invoice to the prices shown on the JW Marriott Menu’s.

Other Suppliers

The Client may request items to be delivered to their aircraft from a number of recommend Whissle Gourmet Suppliers.

Whissle Gourmet personal shopping and delivery charges start from 150AED. This may fluctuate depending on number of driver stops and items requested.