Indian Fusion




(All prices in AED)


Non Vegetarian


Patiala Chicken Tikka      156.80                                                                                                

Spicy chicken kebabs from the royal kitchens of Patiala


Chukandari Kebab     156.80                                                                                                                  

Chicken marinated with fresh beetroot and Indian spices cooked in tandoor8



Vegetarian Starters


Beetroot Shammi      118.40                                                                                          

Beetroot patties tossed with cumin, garam masala and cooked on Griddle


Corn Curry Leaf Tikka     108.80                                                                                      

American corn sauté with cumin, garlic & curry leaves


Tandoori Paneer Tikka      139.2                                                                                         

Cottage cheese chunks marinated with carom and yellow chilli powder, roasted in tandoor


Vegetable somasa     70.40                                                                                                      

Deep fried pastry stuffed with potatoes and Green peas


Main Course


Non Vegetarian


Butter Chicken     208                                                                                                                      

Unarguably the best butter chicken that you will find is from Punjab. The true essence of a great butter chicken is in careful selection of tart tomatoes along with butter and fresh cream.     118.40


Kadai Chicken     208                                                                                                                       

Boneless chicken tossed with onion, tomato, bell peppers and cooked with Indian Spices


Murg Khurchan     208                                                                                                                     

Khurchan means scrapings and in this dish we cook sliced chicken tikka on a flat iron with peppers. the constant scraping of the chicken makes the masala thicker and intense.






Paneer Khurchan     152                                                                                                          

Khurchan means scrapings and in this dish we cook sliced paneer tikka on a flat iron with peppers. the constant scraping of the paneer makes the masala thicker and intense.


Aloo Gobhi Udaigiri      115.2                                                                                                   

Cauliflower and potatoes tossed with curry leaf flavoured masala, tangy and spicy.


Pindi Chole       110.4                                                                                                             

Chick peas cooked in traditional Indian spices


Dal Makhni    86.4                                                                                                                    

Black lentils slow cooked with butter and tomatoes.


Rice, Breads & Accompaniments


Gosht Biryani     264                                                                                                   

Lamb and finest basmati cooked together with saffron on Dum


Murg Biryani      232                                                                                                   

Chicken cooked with finest basmati with saffron on Dum


Subz Biryani     168                                                                                                                 

Vegetables cooked with finest basmati on Dum


 Steam rice      51.2                                                                                                           
 Biryani Rice  

 Jeera Rice      56                                                                                                           




Veggie Raita      44.8                                                                                                         


Roti & Paratha          

Tandoori Roti     28.8                                                                                                         

Laccha Paratha      28.8                                                                                                    








Gulab Jamum      76.80                                                                                                      

Sweetend reduced milk and Flour dumplings


Shrikhand          76.80                                                                                                        

Creamy hung yoghurt mixed with freshly ground cinnamon