Oberoi Hotel




Parantha (V)                                                                                                                                     72

Whole wheat Indian bread filled with spiced potatoes or cauliflower or cottage cheese

served with curd and pickles


Idli (V) (H)                                                                                                                                        72

Steamed South Indian rice and lentil dumplings, served with vegetable lentil stew and



Upma (V) (H)                                                                                                                                   72

South Indian style semolina and vegetable pudding, tempered with curry leaves and ginger,

served with chutney


Uttapam (V) (H)                                                                                                                               72

Savory rice and lentil pancakes, topped with onions and tomatoes, served with vegetable lentil

stew and chutney


Paav Bhaji                                                                                                                                          72

Soft and buttery buns served with mashed vegetables cooked with onion, tomato and 

chefs special spices


Lassi                                                                                                                                                   56

Sweet, salted or mango





Samosa (V)                                                                                                                                        104

Deep fried parcels of green peas and potatoes served with mint and tamarind chutney


Dahi bhalla (V) (H)                                                                                                                          104

Fried lentil dumplings in sweetened yogurt, served with mint and tamarind chutney


Tandoori panner tikka (V)                                                                                                              136

Cottage cheese flavoured with yoghurt and chilli, cooked in tandoor


Tandoori chicken tikka                                                                                                                   192

Chicken morsels marinated with yogurt and Indian spices


Lamb seekh kebab                                                                                                                           192

Minced lamb kebab with home ground spices


Fish ajwaini tikka (H)                                                                                                                     192

Fish marinated with yogurt, carom seeds and chilli






Homemade paneer  (V) (S)                                                                                                            184

Homemade cottage cheese cooked to your choice:

=         Paneer tikka masala

=         Kadhai paneer

=         Mutter paneer

=         Paneer makhani


Aloo gobhi (V)                                                                                                                                   160

Slow cooked cauliflower and potatoes with cumin, ginger and coriander


Bhutta methi palak  (V) (H)                                                                                                                       176

Fresh fenugreek, corn and spinach stir fried with garlic and chillies


Chana masala  (V)                                                                                                                            160

Chickpeas cooked with garlic, onions, tomatoes and home ground spices


The Oberoi butter chicken  (S)                                                                                                      272

Chicken tikka simmered in tomato and fenugreek gravy


Roganjosh                                                                                                                                         272

Traditional Kashmir style lamb curry flavored with dried ginger and fennel


Kerala fish curry                                                                                                                               272

Fish simmered in a spicy and tangy coconut curry


Awadhi dum biryani  (N)

Basmati rice cooked on ‘Dum’ in dough sealed pot with aromatic spices and herbs

Served with cucumber raita

with vegetables (V)                                                                                                                          208

with chicken or lamb                                                                                                                      272


Dal tadka (V)                                                                                                                                    96

Yellow lentils tempered with cumin, ginger and onions


Dal makhani (V)                                                                                                                               112

Slow cooked black lentils with tomatoes and butter


Indian breads            **                                                                                                                     48

Tandoori roti, laccha paratha and butter naan            


Natural unpolished or steamed basmati rice                                                                               80


Raita                                                                                                                                                   48

Cucumber, plain or boondi





Cheese platter (V) (N)                                                                                                                     144

International artisanal cheese selection with crackers, fruit bread and condiments


Caramelia crunch                                                                                                                             104

Valrhona caramel milk chocolate mousse, chocolate popping candy and forest berry compote


Strawberry cheesecake                                                                                                                    96

Strawberry cheesecake, sablé, vanilla ice cream and berry crumble


Gulab jamun                                                                                                                                      72

Fried milk dumplings in saffron flavored sugar syrup


Rasmalai                                                                                                                                            72

Homemade cottage cheese dumplings in saffron flavoured reduced milk


Seasonal fresh fruit platter (V) (H)                                                                                                      104